DarrellColeman 2012.10.20 09:34
Momentum Carpet Care is one of the best carpet cleaning services out here in ARIZONA I called others carpet cleaning places they want to charger me a arm and a leg. I seen momentum carpet care I ask them how much will it cost to do my 1,200 sq ft carpet they gave a MUCH MUCH MUCH reasonable price than any other business, an man I’am impressed by the results that came out…THANK U VERY MUCH MOMENTUM CARPET CARE U GUYS SAVE ME MONEY SO I CAN PUT IN MY GAS TANK..

Pavla 2012.9.20 05:37
I was very impressed with their services and cleaning methods. The tool they have used was amazing (rotovac). They did a really good job and I will definitely call them again. Thank you Momentum!




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