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Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning:

We have a powerful extraction cleaning system specifically designed for tile and grout that incorporates heat, cleaning agents, vacuum and a high pressure rinse. This system will loosen deeply embedded soil from fine crevices and porous grout removing the dirt. The dirty stained grout lines between the tile are very difficult to get clean on your own. Normal mopping of a floor pushes around the dirt and leaves a dirty detergent residue in the grout lines. Detergent residue acts as a magnet for more dirt, and left unattended can eventually stain your grout beyond cleaning. Thatʼs why you need a professional cleaning company like Momentum.

Clear Grout Sealing

You can protect the look of your grout by having a clear grout sealing applied after installation and after every professional cleaning. An application of grout sealer will also make your grout easier to maintain between professional cleanings.

Momentum Grout Re-Coloring

When your grout has deeply embedded stains and dirt that wonʼt come clean, or perhaps you just want to change the decor in your home, Grout Re-coloring can renew the look of your tile and grout surfaces without the costly expense of replacement. The grout coloring application is also a premium grout sealer which means the grout pores will be thoroughly sealed to make regular maintenance cleaning easier for you, stain proof. Available in 12 premixed shades.

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